One Flag Returned to Fire Truck After Backlash Across Country

The Arlington Fire Department Commissioner announced the decision to return an American flag back on to a fire truck in Poughkeepsie, NY. A flag had been removed just a few days ago after the Commissioner stated that it was a liability and safety issue.

The outrage spread across the United States, and resulted in over 2000 petition signers around the country from multiple states. The 2000 signatures were obtained within 48 hours. The petition was sent to the Commissioners within 24 hours of posting it on the website. At the time the email was sent to Arlington Fire, the petition showed over 1700 signatures.

The community has taken favorably in some instances, happy to see that a decision was made to place a flag back on a fire truck. However, many others seem to be angry that only one flag has been allowed on one truck.

Statement by Arlington Fire Dept Commissioner

“Representatives from the Arlington Fire District and Arlington Professional Firefighters Local 2393 met today to discuss the placement of the American flag on our apparatus. We have agreed to install a flag on an engine and continue to work together to develop a standard and protocol. The Arlington fire district recognizes and values the importance and symbolism of the American flag.”

James Beretta, Chairman Board of Fire Commissioners

Tory G. Gallante, Chief

Joseph Tarquinio, President Local 2393

Arlington Fire Department Poughkeepsie
Photo Courtesy of Arlington Professional Firefighters Union

An anonymous local firefighter stated, “it’s a start,” when asked how he felt about the situation. Several on social media are now demanding that a flag be placed on each truck. No further comments were made by James Beretta, when questioned by Poughkeepsie Journal reporter, Nina Schutzmann.

Firefighters must abide by a code which forbids them from negatively discussing the department in any way on social media.

View the Arlington Fire petition, in support of firefighters.


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