Dr. Morin Ranked #1 Best Veterinarian in Dutchess County, New York


Located in Millbrook, New York, Country Comfort Animal Hospital could not have chosen a better name for their business. Owner, Dr. Louise Morin has ranked best Veterinarian in Dutchess County. Dr. Morin’s Facebook page has over 30 reviews, each maxed out at 5 stars per customer.


As a second time customer of Country Comfort Animal Hospital, my expectations were high after an initial appointment with Dr. Chun, who examined my fuzzy feline “Chandler” just a few months ago. Today’s appointment was no less than perfect, for the second time. I was looking forward to meeting the owner, Dr. Louise-Anne Morin, who would be seeing us for the first time.


From the initial phone call placed yesterday, I was greeted warmly by the caring receptionist. With only a couple minutes wait time (probably 2 minutes on a stop watch), the secretary brought us back to meet the infamous Dr. Morin.


Experience with Morin: Excellent

Dr. Morin was as friendly as she was knowledgeable, gentle, confident, and cheerful. The cat was examined fully, and a couple of other issues were even discussed, with Dr. Morin answering every question in detail. Her opinions were that of one who was clearly an expert. Her well spoken, highly experienced assistants exuded the utmost professionalism, true concern, and full attentiveness. There was no nonsense, no loud noise or commotion, no feeling of disorder, and this place proved again to be a tightly run ship.


Knowledge is Priceless: Advice for Cat Owners

Dr. Morin explained the reasoning for her preference of a full wet food cat diet, which reduces the chances of your feline friend experiencing renal failure. Water-drinking, potential for urinary crystals, scientific studies, and weight gain were all explained to me in an interesting, easy to understand manner. We also discussed cats who eat grass, something Dr. Morin didn’t seem to mind much, as long as it wasn’t in large amounts, or in chemically treated areas. Morin also explained that the Purina brand was perfectly fine to give to your cats, as a general daily food. “We also have some more expensive stuff, but the Purina is just fine,” she said. Bonus! No pushing of expensive cat food or other products that my cat has tried and turned his nose up at!


Aggressive Treatment? Not Necessary in this Case

Dr. Louise advised on a skin condition that little Chandler was experiencing. Small sores on his neck were attributed to a simple skin allergy.

“Mold is the #1 allergy trigger in pets. They can be allergic to lots of things. Sometimes, even the dry food can cause issues. I don’t see any fleas at all,” she said. “I think we should let nature take it’s course, and see how he does. No treatment is necessary at this point, unless he worsens.” Great news!


No Need to Treat at Home out of Vet Bill Paranoia


The worst problem noted by avid animal lovers and pet owners these days are Veterinarians who “push products”, and prescribe things that may not be necessary. In fact, with the astronomical vet bills suffered by many, a number of people have taken it upon themselves to treat at home without having any experience. Recently, I watched an alarming video of a man who dumped peroxide and alcohol on a large, infected cat wound, while attacking the wound with dirty hands in a dark room. I was mortified for the cat, who was clearly frozen in fear. It was that part of YouTube you wish you never found. The man likely had no money to visit a vet, and believed he could care for the animal his own way by dumping half a bottle over the wound, soaking the cat. This could pose dangerous risk to the pet’s health in so many ways. The video had me furious, as did many others who treated pets at home when they could’ve caused harm to the animals, or worsened their condition and stress levels.


At Dr. Morin’s office, no products were solicited, no unnecessary injections were administered, the cat was not taken out of my presence even once, no time was wasted, and no “just in case” fear tactics were used. In fact, the cat’s health was given a nod, and we will tend to the minor skin issue by natural means, while helping the little chunker lose a few pounds that he recently gained after going on dry food. Bye bye, crunchy vittles!


Pricing: Very Affordable

On both occasions, I was extremely impressed with the costs of care at Dr. Morin’s office. With two amazing assistants present and a highly advanced Veterinarian running the show, this is the animal hospital you go to when you’re in no mood for sticker shock, a smelly office and attitudes. The office is completely affordable, and does not require remortgaging your home just to pay for it. Nor does it require a trip to the psychotherapist afterward.


In Summary: 5 Star Rating

Ease of appointment: Simple

Wait time: Less than 5 min.

Professional staff: Excellent

Courtesy & friendliness: Excellent

Vet Assistants: Excellent

Veterinarian knowledge: Excellent

Veterinary credentials: Excellent

Confidence/trust in Vet: Excellent

Time spent w/animal: Excellent

Cleanliness: Perfect

Pricing/cost: Lower than expected

Modern facility: Excellent

Location/ease of accessing: Easy

Parking near door: Yes

Dr. Morin
Photo credit: Country Comfort Animal Hospital in Millbrook, New York


Country Comfort Animal Hospital receives a full 5 stars across the board, including Dr. Morin and her entire staff. Give the office a try if you’re thinking about trying a new Veterinarian, and are seeking the best of the best for your pets.

Used Dr. Morin before? Leave a comment below this article, and tell us about your confidence in Country Comfort Animal Hospital.


Learn more about Dr. Louise-Anne Morin here.  Visit Country Comfort at 2614 Route 44, Millbrook, NY or call the office at 845-677-1600.



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