Country Comfort Animal Hospital in Millbrook, NY Review – Dr. Morin and Dr. Chun

Visit: April 2016

Veterinarian: Dr. Chun

Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

Professionalism is one of the top qualifications of choosing a veterinarian, preceded only by knowledge, experience, and manner with your pet. I had the pleasure of trying out Country Comfort Animal Hospital in Millbrook, NY. My experience was second to none.

Dr. Morin came highly recommended by others who had a fine experience with her expertise. Local resident Tony Debonis, Animal Control in Millbrook, gave Dr. Morin a fantastic rating. Sherry Taylor, manager of Dutchess County SPCA, did the same.

My cat Chandler has been suffering from what was previously misdiagnosed as “allergies”. I feared an upper respiratory infection, and decided it was time to try Country Comfort. I was given an immediate appointment with Dr. Chun that same day, as Dr. Morin wasn’t available when I called. Upon walking in, I was impressed with the staff, who addressed me without delay. After a few minutes of waiting for a customer ahead of me, a tech invited me and Chandler back to the exam room.


Country Comfort Vet Techs Top Rated

I noticed immediately that the exam was calming, with both techs exuding a very calm presence, ready to meet by furry feline. Patrick invited Chandler out of his carrier and spoke sweetly to him, being careful not to scare him or invade his space. His demeanor was superior and I was instantly at ease with how he handled my boy. The tech Laura followed suit, welcoming Chandler with pleasant talk, petting, comfort and concern. We awaited Dr. Chun to arrive which she did quickly. The entire exam, Patrick and Laura were attentive, took proper notes, conducted themselves with the utmost professionalism, and spoke kindly and with the utmost respect.

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Dr. Chun – A Feline’s Friend

I have seen my cat terrified of veterinary doctors before. Not this time. Dr. Chun took a moment to shake my hand, listen to my concerns, and meet Chandler with some kitty petting and gentle speaking. Little Chandler-boy instantly took to her and allowed her to assess him. Dr. Chun asked the right questions and spoke with confidence and kindness. Good teeth, good heartbeat, good lungs, and typical upper respiratory symptoms were discussed. Dr. Chun made a friend in little Chandler. He trusted her hands, only let out a short cry while getting his temperature taken, and shortly thereafter during discussions with Dr. Chun, Chandler enjoyed his new friendship with the vet tech, Laura, who treated him like he mattered, and he was important. Patrick also did well to explain medication clearly when I had a couple of questions.

The overall experience at Country Comfort Vets was stellar, and well above my expectations. I extend a salute to the fine staff, including the receptionist, techs, and Dr. Chun herself. I look forward to meeting Dr. Morin as well, as I’m sure I will see the same level of excellence that is displayed in the office.

Pricing was average and the doctor did not attempt in any way to “sell” me on unnecessary things, which wad something I had experienced in previous vet offices. The canine patients even seemed to be relaxed in the waiting room, with a delightful snack container at the reception area.

I highly recommend the office at Country Comfort Animal Hospital in Millbrook, NY. From what I have experienced so far, in just one trip, the office and staff receive a 5 star rating.

Chandler also gives a 5-Star paw rating and is looking forward to feeling better soon! Thanks, Country Comfort!

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