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If you’re one of many who faces unnerving tax issues, you may have just located the answer to your problem. Freedom Financial Solutions has the reputation for assisting those who have fallen into the IRS tax nightmare.


“I’ll Wait Until Later”

When people get too far into IRS tax debt, sometimes they tend to ignore the problem and wait for a later time to deal with it. They may imagine that eventually the money will be there to pay Uncle Sam, and they’ll finally be done with their troubles. However, the stress of the outstanding tax debt causes consistent worry each time another envelope comes in the mail from the state or IRS. The result is an endless lurking feeling of anxiety until the problem is solved.


Problem Solving Pros

Freedom Financial is owned and operated by husband and wife team, Ken and Gina Mann. The problem solving pair have become veterans in the world of accounting for the last 25 years. Their growth and expansion over time has afforded them the ability to earn the trust of literally thousands of new and repeat clients, placing them in the top rankings of one of the most strategic accountants in the Hudson Valley.

The Answer For Tough Tax Problems

Freedom Financial Solutions specializes in individuals and small to medium sized businesses who have become frozen with tax fears and burdens. The company offers peace of mind for those who have both minimal tax debts, or years of accumulated unpaid debts. Those who need such specialized services in many cases are those who dream of catching up, but don’t want to face the beast known as the IRS.

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Areas Serviced

While Freedom Financial Solutions is based out of Dutchess County, New York, the firm is able to service clients throughout New York state. In fact, Ken and Gina Mann have also serviced clients up and down the east coast.

“We can offer simple remote solutions to people out of state. We have a secure portal for uploading documents to our firm. Everything can be done remotely, right from the client’s home or office. We don’t require emailed documents, as the system is highly protected and safe to use,” says company President, Ken Mann. “While we do conduct face to face interviews, many times people can’t get to our office due to busy schedules. Once we’ve completed the job, the proper documents are uploaded back to the client. So, our portal comes in very handy.”

Good Candidates For Freedom Financial

Many types of people can benefit from the services of Freedom Financial Solutions. Examples include:

  • Individuals
  • Homeowners
  • Real estate investors with rental properties
  • Day trader investors
  • Sole Proprietors
  • S-Corps
  • Limited Liability companies
  • Businesses with up to 20 employees, or 2.5 million in sales
  • and more….


Expertise within Freedom Financial Solutions

Co-Owner Gina Mann is an Accountant and also an Enrolled Agent, a credential allowing her to do IRS representation. She is able to deal directly with the Internal Revenue Service on behalf of the client, negotiate payment arrangements and settlements, and take the burden off the individual. Ken and Gina Mann are also members of the National Association of Tax Professionals (NATP) and National Association of Enrolled Agents (NAEA). President Ken Mann is Certified as a QuickBooks ProAdvisor and provides specialized services for business who wish to reduce debt and increase income.


Advice From the Pros

Ken provides advice to those struggling with tax anxieties:

“Before the IRS levies one’s bank account, it’s better to deal with it before it gets to that point. If you have a letter and you don’t know what to do, bring it in, and we can help assess the situation. Filing taxes often makes people think they’ll owe the government, but in many cases I’ve seen, they actually could’ve gotten a refund if they had filed. Nonetheless, IRS deficiency cases are second nature to us and we can help clients solve the problem much easier than if they were to try it on their own. There’s a lot of value in having peace of mind and relieving that kind of stress,” says Ken Mann.


Hands On Experts

“Some typical larger CPA firms have junior accountants who complete the work. We have our hands on every single return that comes into the office, and we make sure it’s done properly,” Ken says.

Clearly, clients feel quite comfortable knowing that their personal accountants handle their unique circumstances, and focus on situational problem solving. Repeat business is a large part of Freedom Financial Solutions’ clientele. The exemplary service the company provides has even earned them award winning special recognition for continued growth in the Dutchess County Chamber of Commerce.


Freedom Financial Bonus Perks

The company also offers what’s called 100% Accounting. Small business owners are helped to reduce taxes, increase profits, and use their money smarter and more efficiently. Company profit & growth are the main focus of the service. Additional services are also offered by the company.


Freedom Financial Solutions Contact:

Freedom Financial Solutions is located at: 2863 Route 9D, Wappingers NY 12590

Contact info: 845-297-8421

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