New App: Snap a Photo and Send Suspicious Activity to Police

The New York State Police will be increasing patrols and conducting security checks in various areas over the holiday. The state police website states that they will conduct security checks on “places of worship, transportation stations, retail facilities, vehicle rental facilities, and any location where holiday events may be publicly celebrated” as a part of “a counter-terrorism strategy.”


If You See Something, Send Something: App To Reach Police


suspicious package
Detonating a suspicious package


A new app is available for mobile phone users who spot suspicious activity or items. Open the app, snap the photo, and send.


see something send something
A woman spoke to police after finding a suspicious package, which was later found to be non threatening. New York, 2016 (IMAGE CREDIT: SAM COSTANZA; FOR NEW YORK DAILY NEWS)


Homeland Security Plants Fake Explosives

The Department of Homeland Security planted a truck full of suspicious barrels of fake explosives on a public street as part of a public awareness campaign. Four days passed before someone reported it as suspicious. Authorities are asking the public to be more aware, and report things that may be considered suspicious.

An app called See Something Send Something has been developed which allows one to snap a quick photo with their phone and send it (or a note) off to authorities. All are encouraged to download it.


See something send something app


Watch the official video (Video will play without leaving this site)


Download See Something Send Something Safety App Here:

The link to the “See Something Send Something” app can be found here  on the New York State government website for Apple and Android devices. 

App Screenshots

See Something Send Something App screenshot


See Something Send Something App

List of questions and answers on See Something Send Something App (screenshot)

See Something Send Something app

** Get the app, and familiarize yourself with the Q&A before use. (Q&A shown above)


The police will not respond to each message sent. In case of emergency, do not use the app; Just dial 911.

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