Increase Your Credit Score the Easiest Way, Possibly Over 100 Points

If you have a bad credit score, and you have no idea how to raise your score, this article is for you. This is not a guarantee, but it is definitely worth a shot if your credit is poor and you want to take the initiative to give it a try. I don’t need to tell you that you can’t get a mortgage, credit cards, or decent car loan with bad credit. You already know, so let’s cut right to the chase. Be sure to follow the entire process. It’s easy. 

You may save money by getting better credit, because your current interest rates may be reduced.

Fix Your Credit. Make Creditors Prove Your Old Debt

The number one thing people with bad credit scores don’t realize is if there’s an old debt on your credit report affecting your credit score, you can request the creditors to prove that the debt exists. How do I know this works? I did it myself and my score skyrocketed.

  • This is no exaggeration, and not a scam.
  • I’m not tied in with the credit companies.
  • You do this for free.

This is not a guarantee, but well worth a shot. Even if you’ve tried this before, try it again. You have nothing to lose but about 20 minutes of concentration. You can do it. Get a drink and get ready. Do it now while you’re sitting there browsing Facebook! Here’s what to do, step by step.

10 Steps to Improve Credit Score


1- Visit which is a safe website that gives you the right to check your entire credit report once per year. Create an account using your real email address that you check often. Don’t use a throwaway email. You’re going to want to be notified immediately when the results are in. Take swig of beverage.

2- Find a link that says, Request Free Credit Report. Your entire credit report will be provided. Not your score. We’ll get to that later down the list.

3- Go to the section where is shows Negative or Derrogatory credit factors. Open it. Take swig of beverage.

4- Beside each debt, look for a “Dispute” button. Click it. Provide your answer as to why you’re disputing your debt. You’ll get a checklist to choose from. Important! If it asks for an explanation, be brief and don’t use emotion!


Do: “Debt paid in 2010. Please investigate.”

Do: “Debt included in bankruptcy. Please remove.”

Do: “Paid by insurance. Please remove.”

Do Not Do: “These people are idiots and I thought I settled this debt!”

In the above example, you say, “I thought…” Do not do that. That’s emotion and you’ll look crazy. Be brief, professional, write one sentence, and be done. Do not write a book. Next!

5- After you’ve disputed one item, move on to the next. You’ll see an option to review more debts and dispute them. Do them all if you want them disputed.

*If they’re recent debts and you know you owe them, call the company and request that they mail you a reduced balance payoff offer. Dont get emotional with bill collectors. Be short and sweet. Tell them all correspondence and offers are to be mailed and refuse to discuss by phone or take calls. In fact, order them not to call you. Once you are willing to accept a payoff amount, pay it off as soon as you can to increase your credit score. Don’t be afraid to haggle, and take control of this situation!

6- When you’re finished disputing all the items, you’re done with the first part. Now you’ll wait for the results by email.

(Part Two – Now Go Check Your Credit Score)


Now you want your score. Don’t pay for it.

7- Get “Credit Karma“. This is one of the best companies for financial awareness to date, and it offers you your credit scores for free. No scams. No joke.

“Credit Karma is best known for helping its 40 million-plus members keep tabs on their credit by giving out scores for free. The platform breaks down the components that make up your score — credit utilization, on-time payments, derogatory marks, length of credit history, number of accounts and hard inquiries — to tell you how you’re doing on each. With the funding the San Francisco based company is showing it has even broader ambitions to be the home base for consumers’ complete financial identity.” -Forbes, 2015


Watch for lookalikes such as misspellings (ex: Kredit Karma or Credit Carma)

Here’s the legitimate link to route you to get the right Credit Karma App. Click the green logo here:

Download the app by clicking the logo above. You’ll be routed to the Android or Apple store depending on what type of phone you have.

8- Create an account by filling in all of your information. Your score will be run. Two of your scores will pop up. Write them down, as of today’s date. This is the score you’ll want increased.

Now, we wait to see the decision of the credit agencies. Keep an eye on that email.

9- Your results are in! Within a couple weeks you’ll get an email regarding your score officially requesting you to go back and review the results of your dispute in your account. Go back to and log in.

If you find there are no changes, don’t panic. You can try this again at a later time. Do you see something you want to challenge? Give it a try. Of course, be honest. If you don’t believe you owe the debt, then fight it.

10- If your negative items have been removed, go back to your Credit Karma app and check out your updated credit score. Viola! Did your credit score go up?

Success Story

This is not too good to be true. For many people, it works. For others, it can take a little time and repeat tries.

“I did this process to the tee. I got 3 items removed from my report, and my score jacked up from low 500’s to over 700. I had tried it last year and it wasn’t successful. Now, I’m able to take out a car loan. Yesterday, I couldn’t even get a department store card. This definitely works. I have awesome credit for the first time in years.” 

Credit Karma is a free service which allows you to see your scores for free, as of December 2016. It also gives tips and useful information, as well as offers from credit card companies if you have decent credit.

What if Your Credit Score Goes Up?

Give this process a try, and good luck. Be patient. This could be your way out of old debts, and your way in to a new financial life. If you have succeeded in increasing your credit score, you may want to obtain a low interest credit card if you have none now, put a small balance on it, and begin paying on time monthly. This can build your new credit reputation and build your score even more, but only if you’re sure you can handle the payments on time, every month.

If you have any questions about your financial situation, it is advised that you obtain advice from a financial advisor or credit counseling agency.

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