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Jill Doppel Online Magazine offers everything related to home tips, finances & saving money, best deals, top rated pet products, news and more.

Real Estate: Get tips from a real estate guru with 20 years of expertise in home buying and home selling.

Home: Get tips on saving money around the home, home decorating ideas, DIY cleaning tips, home maintenance, energy efficiency, and top recommended products for the home.

News: Information for the benefit of the community.

Pets: Advice for cat owners and dog owners, and great ideas for pets and pet products.

Financial: Money saving tips including home efficiency, debt reduction, credit repair and more.

Life: Home hobbies, product recommendations, and more.


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 About Jill Doppel

Jill is a real estate expert and marketing, promotion and sales professional with over 15 years of expertise in the housing industry. She has worked with some of the top franchise names in New York, and began her own real estate brokerage firm in 2004. She has obtained extensive housing knowledge throughout her real estate career and brokered numerous sales, as well as obtaining top agent awards in previous firms. Jill is 3rd generation in the housing arena, behind her father and grandfather, both well respected expert craftsmen in New York.

Jill Doppel

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