“Angels of Light” Rounds Up Support in Dutchess County, Gives Terminal Children a Special Christmas

President Lori Cassia-Decker and husband George founded Angel’s of Light Organization in 2015. The mission provides gifts and love to children diagnosed with terminal illnesses.  Danielle Mollica-Whiteley, Executive Board Member of Angels of Light, offered insight on the extent of the work currently going into the project.

Laurie has worked with Vassar Hospital’s Pediatric Oncology unit, along with Sparrow’s Nest, and Ryan’s Foundation. There are currently a large number of families taken under the wing of Angels of Light. The organization secures Christmas tree locations, placing Christmas ornaments on trees dedicated to families with wish lists for ill children.

Families have been offered generous donations of everything from hair salon and restaurant gift cards for parents, to horse riding lessons, electronic devices,  games and toys for the sick children. The gifts are delivered to the respective families on Christmas.

Dutchess Businesses Offer Support

Many businesses have offered support throughout Dutchess County. Space has been offered by establishments interested in helping the cause by providing a location for Christmas trees, as well as taking donations on behalf of Angels of Light. Donations and gifts are collected by the Organization, and held in a facility to be wrapped before the holiday. The public is welcomed to assist in wrapping.

Over 1000 people follow Angels of Light Facebook page. 

Donations Sought

Donations are still being sought for the Angels of Light Christmas project. Visit their website to read up on various levels of giving. Visit their Facebook page to follow their progress and see several businesses who assist in supporting the cause.

Angels of Light
Photo courtesy, Angels of Light

Angels of Light continues to attract more supporters each year.

Board of Trustees of Angels of Light : 

    • Sheriff Adrian “Butch” Anderson
    • Andrew Heaney
    • Leslie Heaney
    • Maria B. Hickey
    • Sean Johnston
    • John Lomitola
    • Phyllis Lomitola
    • Caitlin Martin
    • Dafna Mizrahi
    • Trish McLoughlin
    • Ned McLoughlin
    • Ann Marie Pallan
    • Linda Selcanin
    • Nicole Shanks
    • Jennifer Thorne
    • Robert Trump
  • Trish McCrohan
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