Stop Small Dogs from Chewing and Causing Mischief In the Home. Try a Dog Playpen.

There is no need to lock a small dog in a tiny crate if they’re causing mischief and eating your shoes during free roaming. While you’re at work, consider this easy way to give the pups a cool bedroom to hang out in until you get home. Here’s a handy dog playpen, which can even be expanded by purchasing extra panels.

Dog playpen

This indoor/ outdoor dog playpen keeps small dogs contained but not trapped, and comfortable enough to relax and feel safe. Small pets can stay out of trouble when owners are at work, and this is a humane, cute solution to small doggy antics. There’s no longer a need to push the pup into a place where he sleeps on wire that’s uncomfortable and too constricted. Decorate this as a new bedroom for dogs, and give your dog a sense of comfort instead of punishment.

The Dog pen is not meant for large dogs, but is meant for:

  • Puppies or newborn kittens that must be kept in one place
  • Small dog breeds
  • Rabbits
  • Various other non-climbing animals

The dog playpen can also be purchased as a “double size” room, (see below) creating an even larger space to accommodate pet necessities and furnishings. Done correctly, this may be your answer to dogs who roam and get into trouble, or who have outgrown their crates.

The dog playpen can accommodate:

  • Doggy bathroom (training pads)
  • Doggy sleeping quarters (dog bed)
  • Doggy dining (food bowls)
  • Doggy play time (toys)
  • Even more space if extra panels or 2 units are purchased together


How to Create a Comfortable Space

Construct the walls in the room you prefer your dog to stay in. For a larger space, you can buy two sets, or additional panels which slip together at the corners. Placing the playpen on a cool ceramic floor may work best in warm temperatures if no air conditioner is running. Setting up on a carpeted area for comfy winter warmth is a good idea as well. Arrange your dog’s bed, food and water dishes, a few favorite chew bones, toys, and if necessary, their potty training area. Next, lead your dog in with treats, play time, and/or positive reinforcement, so as not to let them think this is a punishment room. It’s important to associate positivity with the puppy bedroom. Once you see your dog enjoys his or her dog playpen, you can begin using it for your purpose, such as when you leave for work, during family meal times, while you run errands, or when company comes over. Be sure to praise them when they enter the space, so they know you’re proud of them. 

This is not meant for:

  • large dogs who will be naughty and knock it over
  • dogs who can outsmart owners and try to climb it
  • use as a heavy, immovable cage
  • dogs who require constant exercise and/or movement in a large space
  • leaving pets for extended periods of time

Reviews have shown that customers positively rated this dog playpen with 4.5 out of 5 stars:

“The best $40 I ever spent”

“Perfect for my dog”

“Just what we needed”

“Still sturdy” 6 years later

Here’s an 8-panel larger version for double the space, or for larger dogs who like a space to rest comfortably:

Dog playpen

Largest and Most Sturdy: Outdoor

Need a sturdier playpen for under the back yard shade tree? Here’s a larger outdoor model with 5 Star reviews, which can even be used to build around the front yard of an RV, to contain pets.

Outdoor dog playpen

Buy here:


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