What’s Buried in Your Yard? Metal Detecting can help you find cash, jewelry, gold and even valuable relics.

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Treasure Hunting 101

If you knew there was money buried in your yard, chances are you’d get a shovel and start digging if you knew right where it was. Few people I know would pass up the fun opportunity to dig a little hole in the ground to pull up what could be a tasty, valuable treasure.

Metal Detectorists find treasures, money, and various other things underground. For many, Metal Detecting is not just a part time hobby. It can be a lucrative business. What’s buried just inches under your grass might just turn you into a metal detecting addict with a passion for digging.

Metal detectors have been around for years. While many may have at one time or another played with this fun machine, a lot of people don’t realize that there’s a right and wrong way to use one. Swinging one over the yard and finding nothing is common for some. But for others, precision care is taken to not only learn the detector properly, but to use it in a manner that will yield the best results, so they don’t miss potentially valuable finds. Detectorists and treasure hunting enthusiasts tend to respect the investment made in purchasing it, and trust their beloved mighty machine to give them a successful treasure hunt.

What You Need to Know About Metal Detectors

Metal detectors come in good brands and excellent brands, and have different features. A good brand can give you a reading on the screen that tells you what that beep is that you’re hearing in the headphones, be it a dime, a quarter, a pop top, (which also may be a gold ring) or something bigger. An excellent brand can offer all of the above, be used under water in streams, and offer more options. Some metal detectors may detect items more deeply buried than others. For an avid metal detecting hobbyist, the right tools are needed for the job, including the right metal detector, a sturdy hand held digger, long lasting batteries, and even pouches and accessories to hold their finds.

How to Dig: for Beginners

Digging a trap door in the grass allows you to leave the ground free of evidence of digging. Learn to properly dig your holes, and replace the grass according to the way it was before you disrupted it. There is a right way and a wrong way to dig and easily find your treasure, once you pinpoint it’s exact location.

Where You Can Use a Metal Detector

First, start on your own property. Practice begins at home until you get the hang of the sport, and know it well. You can then take your metal detector to other places and, with permission, you can treasure hunt in many places including

  • Parks
  • Picnic areas
  • Camping Grounds
  • Pastures, Meadows, Fields and Woods
  • Beaches
  • Swimming Holes
  • Battlegrounds
  • And more…

Buried Treasures Found Underground

Common things found underground may be :

Coins including valuable old war era pieces

Jewelry including gold and silver rings, pendants, necklaces, tie pins, etc.

Relics: Guns and valuable war items, ancient finds

Metal detecting at home

Learning to Be a Pro

A beginner’s metal detector can be purchased along with instructional videos. One needs to take this treasure finder seriously before giving it a whirl. Some brands offer instructional dvds right in the box, and there are many YouTube videos that can be found which show the art of detecting, additional information on how to use the instrument, how to dig properly, and how to prepare and protect yourself while out on the hunt.

How to Prepare For Metal Detecting:

When metal detecting, one should be prepared, and:

  • Respect any and all pieces of land
  • Carry a cell phone
  • Wear a watch
  • Carry a cold drink
  • Know how to identify poisonous snakes and plants
  • Wear proper clothing & gloves for comfort and bodily protection, such as cotton breathable clothing in heat, layered clothing in cool temperatures, and sturdy gloves when digging near poison ivy, etc.
  • Watch for snakes, ticks, and wildlife
  • Carry a knife

Also, one needs to:

  • Stay out of Federal Protected Wetlands where foot or off road vehicle traffic is forbidden.
  • Stay off other’s property unless permission is given by landowner or property management.
  • Use caution in remote areas where wildlife such as mountain lions, bears or other animals may be roaming.
  • Use caution in high crime areas.
  • Leave immediately if you are approached by law enforcement, who advise you that you are trespassing.
  • Keep the metal detector dry and protected from weather elements.
  • Place the detector in a place where untrained individuals are not able to play with, or possibly break it.

Metal detecting my yard

Get Started Metal Detecting

If you’re itching to get started, you might wonder which brands are popular. My father, who is an avid detectorist, has used various brands. He suggests that beginner metal detectorists do their research and become well educated in highly  recommended and top rated brands. You can spend a minimal amount on a detector if you’re just starting out to test the hobby and see if you enjoy it. If you’re more inclined to have the best of the best, and wish to make a more advanced purchase like the pros, here are two recommendations from my father, who has brought in literally thousands of dollars in treasure hunting digs over the years.

Beginner to Advanced Models

A beginner’s model, with all necessary components to begin metal detecting, including metal detector, batteries, carry pouch, headphones, instructional DVD, digger, & pouch:

Garrett H250 Model package

Here is the Garrett 350 Waterproof version, beginners package:


Top 5 Star Rated Metal Detector

A more advanced model, for those who wish to bypass the beginner model if they already have some metal detecting experience, or want to shoot straight to the top and have the best:

Garrett AT PRO


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  1. You would be amazed to find out of the things buried in your own backyard. If you’re part of the interested flock, then finding a handy and functional metal detector would be a good start.

  2. I do recommend metal detector for beginners. Bounty Hunter Gold Digger Metal Detector – This stylish metal detector will help you collect all kinds of metals relics from coins, iron, and household items to valuable and precious metals such as gold and silver.

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