Teen Boys Bedroom Ideas

A teen boys bedroom is tough to decorate if you have no idea where to start. If your teenager cares more about skateboarding or playing PS4 than they do about giving you decorating or paint ideas, you’re going to need a little patience. If their room is turning into a scene from a horror movie, maybe a new design will encourage them to keep it neat and start fresh. And who knows? You may actually enjoy getting the ball rolling by getting some ideas to share with your son, just as soon as he puts the game controller down.

Bend The Rules in Teen Boys Bedroom

You may need to bend the rules a bit to make your teen boy bedroom a comfortable one for them to hang out in. Distractions such as a messy room that hasn’t had a good change in a while can keep them from concentrating or feeling relaxed, as I’m sure you know. A new environment may help settle them down. If you can get them to give you their input, and do it as a team, it may be a lot more fun than you think.

A Black Wall?! No way!  

Allow one wall to be a different color if you don’t want to paint the whole room, though I would suggest a fresh coat on all walls for a crisp new, updated look. Yes, a black wall should be allowed, in my opinion, because it encourages your son to express himself and be bold if he likes the idea. He may pass out if you suggest this as an option, and that’s a good step in showing him you’ll be flexible, but not turn it into a raging free-for-all. Obviously, too much black will probably be depressing, and it might likely look like a dungeon. But, I have actually seen some cool black rooms. Ok, almost black. So, my advice is to go with one accent wall if your son wants to choose a color. If it clashes with the other walls, perhaps choose a second color that’ll go with it that won’t clash. Don’t panic! Have a glass of wine before you begin looking at his choices. It’ll take the sting out.

*Paint color tip: Before you go hog wild and allow them to choose any old color on the spectrum, keep in mind that mood is affected by paint color. I recommend you to maybe read this article first before buying your paint.

Personality Expression

If your son likes goth, he’s going to want a lot of black. Suggest maybe keeping walls a lighter color and bedding and accessories a goth black to balance out the room, and not set it up for unwanted depression. Nonetheless, he will need the opportunity to express himself in his own way in his room, and it may not be a bad idea to avoid suggesting “a nice tan”. Let him be creative and work with him as a team. Good bonding.

If your son likes sports, the common colors are obviously blues, beiges, oranges or browns, which are pretty standard. You could work in one dark wall with neutral other walls, or break up the walls with cool sections. (See photos). If they like bold, you can keep some of the room neutral. But, if they want to go Tropicana orange on one wall, have at it.

If your son is a skater, or into graffiti, or is an artist, consider allowing him one wall to hand paint whatever he wants. Art paints are expensive, though, so know that this will be an extra cost. Maybe he can work it off. Another opportunity for compromise.

Know when to draw the line. You’re still the boss, but you’ll be the coolest if you give him leeway to get creative. Every time he walks into that room will hopefully be a reminder of the time you took to plan the room with him.

Set Budget for Redesign Accessories: Make a List

This is the challenging part. Paint can be costly, but comforters and accessories can be just as expensive if you don’t set a budget. I did a redesign for someone on a room that costed him nearly $6000, including new carpet, new bed, new bedding and sheets, and all paint and decorative accessories. You don’t need to go this far, obviously. New sheets and pillow will probably help your son sleep better, but a new carpet probably isn’t necessary if you’re on a budget.

On your list, you might want to write down where you’ll go for bedding, where you’ll go for paint, and where you’ll go for inexpensive decorative items. This will keep you less frazzled when you go shopping with your son to pick out stuff for his new pad.

Or, you can hit Amazon and get most of what you need, save a trip to the stores, and let the bonding begin when the stuff arrives at your door.

Browse First, Take Your Time, and Make it Fun

There is no time like the present to start browsing. You can start on Amazon, as suggested, or take a trip to a local home store. You may even start checking out some DIY projects that you can do yourself.

Here’s a headboard with hockey sticks, for example. On the wall hangs cages for belongings. Behind is a peg board for added sporty effect, or use hooks to hang things on it. Come up with a plan and start browsing.

Teen boys bedroom ideas


If you have a space for it, you can even use chalkboard paint to make a full sized chalkboard. I can’t walk past a chalkboard without looking for chalk. Chalkboard paint can be used in various cool ways. (Click photos to enlarge…)

Teen boys bedroom ideas
On back of a door
Teen boys bedroom ideas
As wall art
Teen boys bedroom ideas
On a shape
Teen boys bedroom ideas
To make notes and doodle or draw

Here are some other teen boys bedroom ideas that may inspire you to begin your plan.

Click photos to enlarge.

Need color ideas and hate standing in the store? Get a Benjamin Moore Paint Sample Fan of over 1000 colors:

Happy decorating to you and your boy. Enjoy the time together, and make it count!

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