Teen Girl Bedroom Ideas: Get Inspired for a New Teenage Girls Room

There are a lot of choices when it comes to teen girl bedroom ideas. You and your teenage daughter may not exactly see eye to eye when making decisions for a new bedroom redesign, so maybe some cool tips will help you get started.

Planning the Teen Girl Bedroom Redesign


  • Write down ideas together and stay within a budget, which I also covered in my teen boys bedroom ideas article.
  • Set a budget for bedding, a budget for accessories, and a budget for lighting if needed. If you don’t plan for a budget, you may rack up a pretty big bill.
  • Have patience in your selections.
  • Bargain hunt: Go to thrift stores and bargain outlet stores, and even garage sales for really good deals. If you see something expensive, perhaps there’s a replica at a local hobby store, or Christmas Tree Shoppe.
  • Plan for a fun experience that both you and your teen daughter can enjoy together.

Choosing the Right Color for Teenage Girls Bedroom

Choose colors from two perspectives:

1) What she likes

2) What it may do for/to her mood. A fun bright bedroom may allow her to express her wild side, but it may also add to emotions or behaviors that are not enjoyable, though it looks cool on the walls. See my article: Does Paint Color Affect Your Mood for tips on how certain colors can affect how you feel every day. If your daughter has been depressed lately, you might consider going for more cheery or tropical colors. Take her shopping when she is in a good mood! If your daughter has a problem with anxiety or anxiousness, a more calming and soothing color may be a good option, while minimizing lots of clutter in the room. A clean and tidy new room is easier to relax in.

Get primer if necessary. Reds, for example, may be hard to cover, even in 2 coats. Primer is not always necessary though.

Buy quality paint! My favorite brand is the Benjamin Moore line, which tends to go on smooth, with good coverage. Stay away from cheap paint which may take forever to apply. Sometimes, you can get lucky at a Home Depot discount rack and find 2 gallons of exactly what you need, which someone may have returned.

Compromise: If you can decide together that purple is a good choice, fantastic. But, if iridescent purple isn’t your cup of tea, and she really wants it, you may be able to compromise. For example: Decide together to choose a complimentary color for the walls that will be more soft & soothing, while using iridescent purple accents and objects that don’t overwhelm the room.

One Wall Another Color

Make one wall pop by making it an accent wall. In my article for boys, I suggested allowing even a black wall which can be a fun and dramatic effect.

Create Functional Space

Your teen may need a hangout area to do writing, drawing, talk on the phone, or just relax with her friends. Keep this in mind when creating that space.

Sleeping area should be as comfortable as possible to encourage good, solid sleep. Is it time for a new pillow? Add that to your list.

Study area should be not only designed for focusing, but also practical. Hanging posters all around a study or homework desk doesn’t encourage much concentration and focus. Nor does extra clutter. Consider storage that conceals or hides the items that aren’t pleasing to the eye.

Bright space is going to add to elevated mood. If the color chosen is on the darker side, layer different kinds of lighting, hang mirrors across from windows, and use light colored furniture pieces.

Tip: Using valances? Hang them higher than you normally would, to make sure the fabric doesn’t block the light from the window.

Here are some teen girl bedroom ideas that your daughter may find fun to create.

Teenage Girl Bedroom Ideas: Colors to Inspire You (Click to Enlarge)

Accessory Tip

Check out your garage, or flea markets to find old metal chairs for vanity set or decorative piece. Spray the chair with your teen’s choice of color to match the room. Head to a craft or home improvement store for good priced paints.

Teen girl bedroom ideas
DIY Teen Girl Bedroom Vanity Chair: Recycle and save money. Buy a cushion at craft or home improvement store.

Need paint swatches for planning other rooms? Get over 1500 colors here on Amazon, and search for inexpensive bedding and accessories. 

Start Browsing Amazon for Teen Girl Comforters & Decor. (Be sure to watch the star rating on whatever you buy)

Happy decorating!

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