The Ultimate Dog Bed For Spoiled Canines of Royalty

For those who believe their dogs will settle for nothing less than the ultimate in royalty, I introduce the top 5 star rated dog bed furniture by the world renowned, leading hunting and sporting high end retailer, Orvis.

Orvis is a name that stands by itself, and they have introduced a luxury dog sofa into their line of high end pet products. This is no ordinary dog bed. This is meant for the kings and queens of the Canine world.

Top rated dog beds
Top Rated Dog Bed by Orvis

The bed is tastefully designed in a neutral tone, and provides lavish comfort for the spoiled dog to enjoy. It is suited for dogs up to 60 lbs, and sports a lavish microfiber in Herringbone design. Your dog will likely climb up on this sleeper and give you a look as if to say, “Now this is more like it.”

This dog lounger will set you back a few bucks. With a 5 Star rating and a quality name like Orvis, you can expect you’ll need to tidy up and make a little extra room before this luxury dog bed arrives.

Another Top Rated Dog Bed of Champions

Grand Luxury of the Canine World (Made in USA)

If you are looking for a bit more in therapeutic luxury for your beloved loyal friend, and you aren’t looking for such a high end look, here is another option. A memory foam sleeper bed for your large or extra large dog to sink into. This is an orthopedic dog bed ranking 5 stars from others who have purchased it for their own dogs. This is a must have for large, extra large or giant dogs who need a bed of their own to relax and snooze on after a long day.

Showing: The Extra Large Version, as well as other sizes are available here.

May your dog enjoy the luxury he or she so well deserves for being such a loyal companion. Spoil time!






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