Top Rated Cat Scratchers May Save Your Furniture & Make Your Cat Happy.

For those with indoor cats, you know how easy it is for cats to get bored, or need a new attraction to mentally stimulate our feline friends. One thing a cat owner cannot tolerate is a bored cat who scratches the furniture or carpets. Give them something else to get their attention, and turn their bad habit into an acceptable activity that they’ll enjoy.

I have tried various cat scratchers. The first few, my cat wouldn’t touch. Then, I got him one of the very cheap Dollar Store cat scratchers, and he was in love. He claimed it as his own, and slept on it constantly, while keeping his nails busy clawing at it. This was my little boy Chandler on his most beloved cat scratcher. Unfortunately, it shredded easily from his nails, dented from his body weight, and I had to turn the inside scratch pad upside down. The same happened to the other side, and it had to he tossed. It was money down the drain.

Top Rated Cat Scratchers

Recommended 5 Star Rated Cat Scratchers

The first of these two 5 star rated cat scratchers is a kitty couch. It provides support at the back, and open at the front so they can stretch out and have a snooze. Essentially, it’s a little napping bed, doubling as a cat scratcher they can “own”. Two cats may even squeeze into the larger size. Amazon reviewers provide photos of their feline soulmates using this sturdy cat scratcher, and it has consistently been rated 5 stars. While a little pricey in comparison to cheap ones found in stores, this won’t break the bank for a quality product. Click the photo below for more details and size options. 

Not enough for your spoiled felines?

Here is the second of these two 5 star top rated cat scratchers. How about a stylish high class lounger that makes your cat look like royalty, and doesn’t look half bad in your living room? This one received over 3500 reviews, and has top ranking status. Talk about spoiled cats. This one will set you back a whopping $50 bucks, but cat lovers all over are raving. It is the crème de la crème of cat scratchers. It weighs about 7 pounds, is quite large in size, sturdy, and can be anchored to a wall with brackets if you choose to hang it. Or, leave it on a deep window sill or sit it right on the floor. Cats are in heaven on this contoured king of cat scratchers.

May your cats now enjoy their afternoons taking a snooze, rather than shredding your sofa. More cat toys and products are available at competitive prices, so go ahead and browse for the best option for your needs.

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