Top Rated Cat Toys: Organic Catnip, Made in the USA (*Not from China!) 

I’ve had cat toys before that my cat didn’t touch. I’ve had others that he absolutely loved and would cry if I picked it up to move it. If you spoil your cat, this will be a good toy to try. It receives almost a 5 Star Rating by Amazon, and cats are going nuts for it. By far, amongst the highest ranked top rated cat toys for indoor cats. 

If your cat is bored, showing signs of needing attention by poking at you, head butting you, laying on your lap while you’re busy, going after things to knock over, he or she may be trying to tell you something. They’re bored! Half your job as a pet owner is to help keep them occupied and happy. If you had a child, would you let it wander around aimlessly bored, because it lost every one of his or her toys and had not a single thing to play with? Perhaps it’s time to get some quality new top rated cat toys.

Introducing : the Cat Banana. Yes, a stuffed banana. And it is the new craze in top rated cat toys, due to it’s durability, fun factor, and being made in the United States.

The cat banana is 100% organic cat nip, made of strong cotton twill fabric. This is the best of top rated cat toys, per many cat toy reviews. Give it a shot. There are 3 in a pack. Get a sneak peak of a funny kitten flinging around a new Yeowww banana here.

The Bananas

Or try the starter Cigar by the same USA company, Yeowww.

Or go for the 5 Star Rated 3 piece mixed pack by the same company, Yeowww.

These bananas do appear to be the perfect size for cats to fling around, hold, and bunny kick. Very awesome, and very funny to watch the cats get a hold of them. It is no wonder it is rated so high in cat toys. If the cats love it, the owners are satisfied. Enjoy!



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