Are Your Gutters Bringing Water in Your Basement? 

If you have a water in your basement, you’re not alone in your misery. Basement water seepage or flooding can lead to disaster. Not only can your belongings be destroyed in the case of a flood, but mold can begin to grow in dark areas or hallways that don’t receive a lot of light or airflow after moisture sets in.

Here is an easy way to be sure you have proper drainage outside your home to prevent water in your basement.

  • Be sure gutters are secured properly with no unfastened or broken sections.

Basement flood

  • Make sure gutters are free of leaves and debris.
  • If your leader pipe runs down at the corners of the house, they must contain an elbow at the bottom, or else all runoff water will collect at the foundation and seep into your basement.
  • An extension pipe should lead a few feet out from the elbow and direct water away from the house, preferably on a downward slope. Water that doesn’t run downhill may collect and you may not even realize it. 

Here are some examples of scenarios that may result in a wet basement.

Gutter installation

How to install gutters

Water in basement

  • Check the entire perimeter and all four corners of your house.

Proper Gutters

water in basement 

  • Add additional pipe extensions if needed.

Prevent basement water

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